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Bootstrap Admin Templates

Bootstrap Admin Templates Dashboard UI Kit Web Apps – Aqua

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Aqua Bootstrap Admin Templates comes with UI Kit in Badges, Buttons, Floating Action Buttons, Carousel, Modal, Dropdown, Dropdown menu, Sortable, Nav, Breadcrumbs, Pagination, Alert, Callout, Tooltip, Accordion, Tab, Process, Progress bar, Spinner, Timeline, Timeline activity, User Cards, Sweet Alert, Notification, Advanced Medias, Badges, Dropdown grid, Dropdown menu, Dropdown, border, color, Draggable Portlet, Bootstrap Switch, Date Paginator, Horizontal Timeline, Nestable, Ribbons.

Aqua Admin Template is a unique dashboard with features visits, monthly revenue, and performance tracking. We have developed this Aqua admin template with a unique and minimal look of the CRM software. Bootstrap 4 latest with SASS. This can be used for admin dashboard Applications for your online applications.

Aqua Responsive Admin Template Dashboard Web Apps




The Dashboard of Aqua Premium Admin Template Includes Recent Stats, Company Revenue, Products Delivered, Last Week’s Earnings, New Orders, Total User, Device User, Total Vendor, Total Leads, Agents Stats.


Aqua Bootstrap Admin Templates Provides an Application and it consists of Chat and Calendar.


Aqua Dashboard Admin Templates Provides Mailbox and it consists of Inbox, Compose, and Read.


Aqua Admin Dashboard Templates Provides Pages and it consists of Profile, Invoice, Gallery, FAQs, and Timeline.



Aqua Responsive Admin Dashboard Template Provides Alerts and it consists of Simple Toastr Alerts, Normal Alerts, Dismissable Alerts, Dismissable Alerts with title, and Callouts.


Aqua Responsive Web Application Kit Template Provides Badges and it consists of Basic badge styling, Pill, Mono colors, Sizing, Dot badges, and Ring badges.


Aqua Bootstrap Admin Web App Template Provides Buttons and it consists of General Buttons, Button with an outline, Rounded Buttons, Rounded Outline Buttons, Button Sizes, Flat Buttons, buttons with icons, Split buttons, buttons with Dropdown, Circle Buttons, Horizontal buttons Group, Vertical Button Group, Social buttons Icon with Name, Social buttons Icon, Social Icon With Circle buttons, and Application Buttons.


Aqua Bootstrap Admin HTML Template Provides Cards and it consists of Advanced Cards, Basic Cards, and Card Color.


Aqua Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template Provides Sliders and it consists of Carousel Slider Only Slide, Carousel Slider with Controls, Carousel Slider with Indicators, Carousel Slider With captions, Image Slider, Image Slider thumbnails, Image carousel, and Bootstrap Range Slider.


Aqua Responsive Admin Dashboard Template Provides Content and it consists of Typography, Media, and Grid.


Aqua Admin Dashboard UI Kit Template Provides Icons and it consists of Font Awesome, Glyphicons, Material Icons, Themify Icons, Simple Line Icons, Crypto coins Icons, Flag Icons, and Weather Icons.


Aqua Dashboard Template Provides Forms and it consists of Advanced Elements, Editors, Code Editor, Form Validation, Form Wizard, General Elements, and Dropzone.


Aqua Bootstrap UI Kit Template Provides Tables and it consists of Simple Tables and Data Tables.


Aqua Bootstrap Templates Provides Charts and it consists of ChartJS, Flot, Inline, Morris, Piety, and Chartist.


Google Map

Aqua Admin Panel Templates Provides Google Map and it consists of a Simple Basic Map, Polygonal Map, Market with Info window, Routes Map, Over Layer Map, and Styled Map.

Vector Map

Aqua Admin Template Provides Vector Map and it consists of World Map.


Aqua Premium Admin Template Provides Authentication and it consists of Login, Register, Lockscreen, Password, Error 404, and Maintenance.



Aqua Dashboard Admin Templates Provides Color and it consists of Background colors, Gradient colors, SVG Img Background, Border colors, and Text Colors.


Aqua Dashboard Admin Template Provides Ribbons and it consists of Dark Ribbon, Primary Ribbon, Success Ribbon, Info Ribbon, Warning Ribbon, and Danger Ribbon.


Aqua Responsive Admin Dashboard Template Provides Tabs and it consists of Vertical Tab, Custom tab vertical Tab, Tab with dropdown, Customtab2 Tab, Custom tab vertical Tab Icon, Tab with icon, Nav Pills Tabs, Nav Pills Tabs, Fill, Horizontal alignment, Horizontal alignment, Default Tab, and Custom tab Tab.


Aqua Responsive Web Application Kit Template Provides Animation and it consists of Attention seekers, Bouncing entrances, Bouncing exits, Fading entrances, Fading exits, Flip animations, Lightspeed animations, Rotating entrances, Rotating exits, Special animations, Zoom entrances, and Zoom exits.


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