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Analytical Dashboard

Sunny Admin: An Analytical Dashboard for Comprehensive Business Insights

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Sunny Admin is an Admin Template that offers a highly useful Analytical Dashboard designed to streamline your workflow and enhance productivity. Packed with numerous features, it provides everything you need to efficiently manage your projects.

Sunny Dashboard Admin Templates shows that New Clients: The number of new customers acquired during a specific period. Sold Cars: The total number of vehicles sold. Sales Lost: The number of sales opportunities that were not converted. Inbound Calls: The number of incoming calls from potential customers. Outbound Calls: The number of outgoing calls made by sales representatives. Total Revenue: The total amount of income generated from sales. Earning Summary: A breakdown of earnings by sales representative or product line. Recent Stats: Real-time updates on key metrics, such as net profit and revenue also shows that new arrival members, Products of the business and what not.

Sunny Admin Dashboard have many features like Emails that Seamlessly manage your email communications within the dashboard. Stay connected and organized without toggling between multiple applications. Pages that Create and customize pages effortlessly to showcase your profile, invoice, gallery and timeline, For more information visit our website.


Dashboards of Sunny AdminĀ 

Light Dashboard


Dark Dashboard


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