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Cryptocurrency Dashboard

Cryptocurrency Dashboard Admin Template with Tokenize Admin Templates

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Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Dashboard Bootstrap 5 Admin UI and WebApp Template is a fully responsive Cryptocurrency Dashboard Admin Template built with Bootstrap 5 and 4.2 Framework, modern web technology HTML5 and CSS3. Lightweight, SasS, and easy customizable which is basically designed for the developers who want to customize it. Crypto Admin can be used by developers developing web applications like custom admin panel, ICO, Bitcoin Dashboards, Bitcoin and other current website applications, project management system, admin dashboard, application backend, CMS, CRM, Stock chart, Stock Market, Business Analytics, business website, corporate, portfolio, blog, etc.

More than 100+ features and widgets and plugins are included here to make your work easier. Works on all major web browsers, Desktop, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, and all other smartphone devices.

Crypto Admin - Responsive Cryptocurrency HTML Templates + Bitcoin Dashboards + ICO



Utility Elements


Cryptocurrency Dashboard Template Comes with Buttons in Gradient Buttons, General Buttons, Light Buttons, Button with an outline, light Button with an outline, Rounded Buttons, Light Rounded Buttons, Rounded Outline Buttons, Light Rounded Outline Buttons, Button Sizes, Flat Buttons, Light Flat Buttons, Button with icon, Split buttons, Button with Dropdown, Circle Buttons, Horizontal Button Group, Vertical Button Group, Social buttons Icon with Name, Social buttons Icon, Social Icon With Circle buttons, Application Buttons.


Crypto Dashboard Admin Templates Comes with Color in Background colors, Gradient colors, SVG Img Background.


Crypto Responsive Web Application Kit Template Comes with Dropdown in Dropdown Basic, Dropdown menu.

Dropdown Grid

Crypto Bootstrap Admin HTML Template Comes with Dropdown Grid.

Progress Bars

Cryptocurrency Dashboard Admin Template Comes with Progress Bars in Progress Bars Different Sizes, Progress bars, Vertical Progress Bars Different Sizes, Vertical Progress bars.


Crypto Bootstrap Admin Templates Comes with Icons in Font Awesome, Glyphicons, Material Icons, Themify Icons, Simple Line Icons, Crypto coins Icons, Flag Icons, Weather Icons.

Extra Elements


Crypto Responsive Web Application Kit Template Comes with Ribbons in Dark Ribbon, Primary Ribbon, Success Ribbon, Info Ribbon, Warning Ribbon, Danger Ribbon.


Crypto Bootstrap Admin Web App Template Comes with Sliders in Carousel Slider Only Slide, Carousel Slider with Controls, Carousel Slider with Indicators, Carousel Slider With captions, Image Slider, Image Slider thumbnails, Image carousel, Bootstrap Range Slider.


Crypto Premium Admin Template Comes with Tabs in Vertical Tab, Custom tab vertical Tab, Tab with dropdown, Customtab2 Tab, Custom tab vertical Tab Icon, Tab with icon, Nav Pills Tabs, Fill, Horizontal alignment, Default Tab, Custom tab Tab.

Forms & Tables


Form Elements

Crypto Bootstrap Admin Web App Template Comes with Advanced Form Elements.

Form Layout

Crypto Bootstrap Admin Templates Comes with Form Layout.

Form Wizard

Responsive Web Application Kit Template Comes with Form Wizard in Client Registration, Step wizard, Step wizard with validation.

Form Validation

Premium Admin Template Comes with Form Validation.


Crypto Bootstrap Admin HTML Template Comes with Formatter.


Simple Tables

Crypto Bootstrap Admin Web App Template Comes with Simple Tables in Responsive Hover Table, Default Table, Dark Table, Table head options, Table head options, Table Striped, Table dark Striped, Table bordered, Table Dark bordered, Table borderless, Table Dark borderless, Hoverable rows, Hoverable Dark Table rows, Small table, Small table.

Data Tables

Crypto Bootstrap Admin Template Comes with Data Tables in Data Table With Full Features, Hover Export Data Table.

Editable Tables

Crypto Admin Panel Template Comes with Editable Tables in Editable with Datatable and Simple Editable table.

Table color

Cryptocurrency Dashboard Admin Template Comes with Table Color in Success Table, Info Table, Warning Table, Danger Table, Inverse Table, Background colors, Table row borders.



Crypto Bootstrap Admin Web App Template Comes with Blog widgets in Blog With Slider, Blog without image With Slider, Blog Style.


Crypto Bootstrap Admin Templates Comes with Chart widgets in Orders Overview, Profit.


Crypto Responsive Web Application Kit Template Comes with List widgets in Support Tickets, Branches list, Recent Messages, User list, Income List.



Crypto Admin Templates Comes with Invoice page.

Invoice List

Crypto Dashboard Admin Templates Comes with Invoice list.

Support Ticket

Crypto Bootstrap Templates Comes with Support Ticket List page.

User Profile

Crypto Responsive Admin Dashboard Templates Comes with User Profile List.

Userlist grid

Crypto Responsive Web Application Kit Templates Comes with User List Grid.

User list

Crypto Responsive Admin Dashboard Templates Comes With User list.


Crypto Bootstrap Templates Comes with FAQs page.


Crypto Responsive Admin Template Comes with Authentication in Login, Register, Lockscreen, Recover Password.


Cryptocurrency Dashboard Admin Template Comes with Miscellaneous in Error 404, Error 505, Maintenance.



Crypto Responsive Admin Dashboard Template Comes with ChartJS in Radar Chart, Doughnut Chart, Pie Chart, Bubble Chart, Bar Chart, bar-chart-horizontal, Bar Chart, Bar Chart, Line Chart, Line Chart, Polar Area Chart, Polar area Chart, Radar Chart.


Crypto Tokenized Exchange platform Template Comes with Flot in Interactive Area Chart, Line Chart, Full-Width Area Chart, Bar Chart, Donut Chart.

Inline charts

Crypto Bootstrap Template Comes with Inline charts in Disable display input, Cursor mode, Display previous value, Angle offset and arc, Angle offset, 5-digit values, step 1000, Readonly, Angle offset and arc, Readonly, Readonly, Readonly, Sparkline examples, Sparkline Pie, Sparkline line, Sparkline Bar.


Crypto Tokenize CryptoCurrency Admin Templates Comes with Morris in Line Chart, Bar Chart, Donut Chart, Area Chart, Line Chart, Area Chart.


Crypto Admin Template Comes with Piety in Bar Chart, Updating Charts, Pie, Donut Chart, Line Chart.


Crypto ICO Admin Template Comes with Chartist in Advanced SMIL Animations, SVG Path animation, Animating a Donut with SVG. animate, Gauge Chart, Bi-polar Line chart with an area only, Line chart with the area, Bi-polar bar chart, stacked bar chart, Horizontal bar chart, Extreme responsive configuration, Simple line chart, Holes in data, Filled holes in data.

Rickshaw Chart

Crypto UI Kit Template Comes with Rickshaw Chart in Area Chart with Slider, Stacked Bar Charts, Realtime Charts.

NVD3 Charts

Crypto ICO Dashboard template Comes with NVD3 Charts in Cumulative Line Chart, Stacked Area Charts, Stacked/Grouped Multi-Bar Chart.


Crypto Bitcoin CryptoCurrency Template Comes with eChart in Traffic Types, Groth, Value, User Flow, Market Update, Daly Analysis, User Statistics, Marketing.

amCharts Charts

Crypto ICO Dashboard Template Comes with amCharts Charts in Simple Column Chart, Column and Line mix, Layered Column Chart, 3D Stacked Column Chart, Bar and line chart mix, Date-Based Data, Line Chart with Scroll and Zoom, Duration on Value Axis, Radar Chart, Polar Chart, Simple Pie Chart, Animated Time-Line Pie Chart, Mining Pool Shares.

amCharts Stock Charts

Crypto Responsive Bootstrap 5 Admin Template Comes with amCharts Stock Charts in Multiple Data Sets, Stock Events, Drawing Trend Lines, Intra-day Data, Multiple Panels.

amCharts Maps

Crypto Bitcoin CryptoCurrency Template Comes with amCharts Maps in Animations along lines, Map with curved lines, Zooming to Countries Map, Flight routes map, Grouped countries map, US heat (choropleth) map.



Crypto Admin Templates Bootstrap Templates Comes with Transactions in Recent Blocks, Top Blocks, Latest Transactions.

Top Gainers/Losers

Crypto Admin Dashboard Templates Comes with Top Gainers/Losers in Daily Update, Daily Top Gainers, Latest

Crypto Stats

Crypto Admin Templates Comes with Crypto Stats in Crypto Summary, Block Summary, Market Summary, Mining Cost, Transaction Summary.

Initial Coin Offering


Crypto Responsive Admin Dashboard Template Comes with Countdown in Crypto The Revolution In Virtual Coin.


Cryptocurrency Dashboard Template Comes with Roadmap / Timeline.

Progress Bar

Crypto Bootstrap Templates Comes with ICO Progress.


Crypto Dashboard Admin Template Comes with ICO Details.

ICO Listing

Crypto Premium Admin Template Comes with ICO Listing.

ICO Listing Filters

Crypto Admin Dashboard Template Comes with ICO Listing Filters.

Currency Exchange

Crypto Responsive Web Application Kit Templates Comes with Currency Exchange.


Members Grid

Crypto Bootstrap Admin Templates Comes with Members Grid.

Members List

Crypto Responsive Web Application Kit Templates Comes with Members List.

Member Profile

Crypto Bootstrap Admin HTML Templates Comes with Members Profile.



Crypto Admin Dashboard Template Comes with Dark Tickers, Light Tickers.

Live Crypto Prices

Crypto Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template Comes with CryptoCurrency Live Price Tables.


Transactions Tables

Crypto Responsive Web Application Kit Template Comes with Transactions Table in Latest Transactions, Recent Transactions.

Transactions Search

Crypto Admin Dashboard Template Comes with Transactions Search.

Single Transaction

Crypto Dashboard Admin Templates Comes with Single Transaction.

Transactions Counter

Crypto Premium Admin Template Comes with Transactions Counter in Transactions in last 24 h, Transactions per hour, Largest Transactions, Years of Experience.



Crypto Admin Template Comes with a Calendar with draggable events. You can also add new events with timings and dates.

Contact List

Crypto Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Comes with a Contact list with All Contacts. You can also add a new label.


Crypto Admin Dashboard Template Comes with Chat makes it easy for you to interact with fellow members of your business.


Cryptocurrency Dashboard Template Comes with Project DashBoard, style1, style2, style3, upcoming, in progress, complete.


Crypto Responsive Web Application Kit Template Comes with Mailbox. The mailbox enables you to communicate professionally with people.


Bootstrap Switch

Crypto Bootstrap Admin Templates Comes with Bootstrap Switch in Color, Sizes.

Date Paginator

Crypto Dashboard Admin Templates Comes with Date Paginator in Default, Large, Small, On select.

Advanced Medias

Crypto Premium Admin Template Comes with Advanced Media.

Range Slider

Crypto Admin Template Comes with Range Slider.


Crypto Bootstrap Admin HTML Template Comes with Ratings.


Crypto Dashboard Admin Templates Comes with CSS3 Animations.


Crypto Responsive Web Application Kit Template Comes with Fullscreen page.


Crypto Responsive Admin Dashboard Template Comes with Pace.


Crypto Bootstrap Admin Web App Template Comes with Nestable.

Draggable Portlets

Crypto Admin Panel Template Comes with Draggable Portlets.


Cryptocurrency Dashboard Template Comes with User Card, Advanced Card, Basic Card, Card Color, Card Group.


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