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Bootstrap 5

What’s new in Bootstrap 5

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Bootstrap is one of the best frameworks for responsive web and mobile development. Bootstrap allows developers to design templates with typography, forms, buttons, tables, navigation, modals, image carousels, etc based on HTML and CSS to ease modern web design.

Bootstrap was originally developed for Twitter. But today the framework is available for free as an open-source framework for the front-end development of websites.

On 16th June 2020, Bootstrap 5’s alpha version was released. This new v5 will make it easy and convenient to work with Bootstrap Admin Templates.

Curious to know more about this new version? Let’s dig in and discuss some major features of the Bootstrap 5 alpha version.

  1. Enhanced Grid System :

The grid system has always been the Bootstrap framework’s main attractions and it’s latest version Bootstrap 5 alpha come with some increased capabilities of the grid system like

  • Addition of a new extra-large (XXL) grid tier for resolutions
  • .gutter classes replaced with .g* utilities, similar to padding/margin utilities
  • Addition of vertical spacing classes
  • Columns do not have position: relative by default
  • The form layout options have been replaced by the new grid system
  1. New Look And Feel :

Bootstrap 5’s alpha version doc pages are no longer full-width. This change made to

  • Improve readability
  • Give its site more of content-like and less of app-like feel

This version has improved on its docs home page in version 4.5.0 with an updated look and feels for the rest of its docs.

Also, for faster navigation, it has upgraded its Sidebar to use expandable sections. This is definitely good news if you want to use a Bootstrap Admin Template based on Bootstrap 5.

  1. Switching from jQuery to JavaScript :

jQuery was there with Bootstrap for a long period of time. But Bootstrap 5 alpha has switched to JavaScript and let jQuery go.

This change in the framework will result in a lighter file size and page load moving forward. Bootstrap v5 has made some other changes and enhancements to JavaScript that focus on

  • Code quality
  • Bridging the gap between Bootstrap version 4 and version 5

The full list of JavaScript changes in Bootstrap 5 can be found on GitHub.

Though it will take some time to adjust to these changes which promise a simpler working process and leaner, faster code.

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