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LMS Dashboards

Customizing LMS Dashboards: Tips for Designing Intuitive Admin Interfaces

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As online courses and learning management systems (LMSs) grow in popularity, the administrator dashboards that allow site owners to manage courses, users, and content are becoming increasingly important. A well-designed LMS admin area or LMS Dashboards can help school administrators, corporate training managers, and course creators oversee their learning content and users more efficiently.

The default dashboards that come with popular LMS platforms often work just fine out of the box. But customizing your LMS dashboard to match your specific needs and brand can have real benefits for you and your users. Whether you want to highlight key metrics, arrange tools more intuitively, display custom graphics and colors, or simplify the interface for non-technical users, tweaking your LMS dashboard is a valuable endeavor. This is why you should customize your Learning App Template.


LMS Dashboards

LMS Dashboards

LMS Dashboards

LMS Dashboards

LMS Dashboards

Video of EduAdmin 

Dashboards EduAdmin 

LTR Style Dashboard – 1 – Light

LMS Dashboards


RTL Style Dashboard – 2 – Dark

LMS Dashboards


LTR Style Mini Sidebar Dashboard – 3 – Light

LMS Dashboards


RTL Style Mini Sidebar Dashboard – 4 – Dark

LMS Dashboards


LTR Style Horizontal Dashboard – 5 – Light

LMS Dashboards


RTL Style Horizontal Dashboard – 6 – Dark

LMS Dashboards


LTR Style Dashboard – 7 – Semi Dark


RTL Style Dashboard – 8 – Semi Dark


Follow these tips when planning and implementing software dashboard customizations:

Identify Your Key Admin Personas and Needs

The first step is determining who your main admin users are, what tasks they need to accomplish, and what data points they care about. An LMS manager at a university has very different needs compared to a corporate administrator overseeing employee training through the platform. Interview your admins, observe how they currently use the system, and document their goals.

Common LMS admin roles can include:

  • IT staff focused on system management
  • Instructors uploading courses and enrolling learners
  • Training managers tracking employee progress
  • Executives wanting high-level course statistics

Knowing these core users and uses will inform LMS Dashboards design decisions. Arrange tools intuitively based on personas and common tasks to facilitate workflow. Display metrics and reports tailored to their top priorities for quick access.

Simplify Navigation and Arrangement

The default Education Software Dashboard from software providers throws all tools together without much hierarchy. This can overwhelm new users. Carefully choose which modules to feature prominently on the main dashboard vs. burying in submenus. Organize tools logically into groups or sections based on functionality. If you can pick a simplified learning management admin template, you can make your life easy with it.

For example, putting enrollment tools in one section, course management in another section, and reporting tools in a third section introduces structure. Use white space, borders, icons, headings and colors to further define those groups. A cleanly segmented, uncluttered page sets up admins for success.

EduLearn Admin


Videos of EduLearn Admin

Dashboards of EduLearn Admin

LTR Style Dashboard – Light


RTL Style Dashboard – Dark


LTR Style Mini sidebar Dashboard – Light


RTL Style Mini Sidebar Dashboard – Dark


LTR Style Horizontal Dashboard – Light


RTL Style Horizontal Dashboard – Dark


Visualize Key Data at a Glance

Admins should not have to hunt for the most critical LMS data points and metrics. Determine the figures that matter most for top admin personas and showcase those prominently right on the LMS Dashboards.

Good candidates can include total learners this month, course completion rates over time, popular training topics by enrollment, learner satisfaction scores, certification pass rates, etc. Display this intel visually through charts, graphs, gauges and other graphics that communicate insights easily for at-a-glance updates.

Make Better Use of Real Estate

Default LMS Dashboard Template often underutilize the available screen real estate. With a custom design, you can stretch design elements, charts and tools across the administration portal fully. Increase font sizes, maximize graphic sizes, widen column widths and generally scale up elements for enhanced visibility and less strain.

Use all the horizontal space with thoughtful alignment and spacing between tools or modules. More breathing room, bigger targets and a complete use of width reduces crowding and friction.

Enhance Branding and Styling

Incorporate custom graphics, logos, fonts and color schemes that align to existing brand guidelines. This presents a unified experience to admins who may also use your public-facing LMS site and marketing materials regularly. Apply brand styling to dashboard elements like:

  • Background colors and images
  • Borders, gradients and corner treatments
  • Typography choices like fonts and sizing
  • Iconography and decorative graphics
  • Charts, graphs and info boxes

Even small touches like adding a logo goes a long way towards personalization. But adhere to style conventions and don’t overdesign with competing fonts, colors and elements.

Simplify Tools and Processes

Some default LMS tools feel technical and overwhelming despite admins being less technical than developers. Simplify convoluted options with clearer language, descriptions and flows. You can also condense complicated multi-page workflows into shortened, guided step sequences.

Personalize on-screen messaging and success indicators after key actions to provide encouragement and reassurance. Review all copy and error messaging for places to refine language or reduce confusion. It takes time to craft simplified tools and flows, but the effort pays dividends in admin efficiency and satisfaction long-term.

The Powerful Potential of Custom LMS Dashboards

While custom software design requires investment, rebuilt LMS dashboards tailored to your situation unlock real advantages. Thoughtfully personalized admin environments reduce friction for staff using the platform daily to manage critical training operations. Intuitive layouts and tools also speed onboarding for new administrators ramping up.

When analytics and metrics speak directly to organizational priorities, leaders get the actionable intelligence they desire at their fingertips. And styling Online Education Courses Dashboard per existing brand standards presents a polished, professional impression. Prioritizing LMS administrator experience pays back by enabling learning programs to scale, engage more learners and advance growth goals through online education.

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