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Uicod Dashboard Admin Templates: Streamline Revenue Insights

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Uicod Dashboard Admin Templates have a dashboard that displays revenue and sales information that can be used by all industrial companies. The detail and summary of the month view provide a business with all the information in one dashboard. The dashboard has 100+ features that help to organize business web applications based on business themes. These features include chat app, contact, support ticket, calendar, profile, userlist grid, and userlist.

Uicod Creative Dashboard Design has an email page, UI elements to enhance your web application according to your business. The next page is widgets that include a blog, chart, list, social, statistics, weather, and widgets. Layout options have 3 types: boxed, fixed, and collapsed sidebar. After that, the dashboard shows a box feature that has an advanced box, basic box, color, and group box. To monitor business all types of data, the dashboard has many charts like chats, flot charts, inline charts, Morris charts, and piety charts. To represent more data or information, the dashboard has different types of forms, tables, emails, maps, and extensions. For more such information, visit our website.



Dashboards of Uicod Admin

Dashboard – Light


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