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How to Optimize your OpenCart Themes

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OpenCart is one of the best platforms available as of now for you to create an online store. However, you will also need to have a strong understanding on how to optimize your OpenCart Themes store after creating it. Then you will be able to deliver a positive experience to all the visitors who are coming to the store. This is where you should learn how to optimize your OpenCart store.

Here are some of the steps on how to optimize the OpenCart store.

Find the correct OpenCart templates

The very first thing you should do to optimize your OpenCart store would be to select the correct one out of Responsive Opencart Themes. When you are about to select one of the premium OpenCart themes, you will figure out that there are multiple options available to consider. You should not just focus on the look and feel, but also the overall optimization. There are lots of OpenCart templates that can slow down your online store. By installing such OpenCart themes, you will be providing a disappointing experience to your customers. To make sure that you don’t offer such an experience, you should stick to the Premium OpenCart Themes that can speed up the store.

Select the best hosting provider

Another important thing you should do to optimize your OpenCart store would be to select the right hosting provider. This is where most OpenCart store owners tend to select a low-cost hosting provider. You will need to understand that you are getting what you pay for. If you want to get a faster performance through your OpenCart store, you should be careful to pick the right hosting provider. At the time of looking for a hosting provider, you should make sure that you are getting a better cache module. Then you will be able to cache different parts of your OpenCart store, and make sure that it quickly loads to all the customers.

You will need to refrain from using shared hosting for your OpenCart store. Instead, you should go for VPS hosting or dedicated hosting. Then you will be impressed with the speed improvement that you can experience in the OpenCart store.

Use proper image sizes

If you use images that are too big in size, you will not be able to deliver a good experience to the visitors. This is why it is important for you to use proper image sizes for the OpenCart Themes at all times. Along with image size, you should take a look at the image ratio as well. The right ratio that you should select for the images of your OpenCart store is 16:9. Likewise, you should ensure that the image resolution is changed to 1200px x 675px. Then you will be able to optimize the images accordingly, so that they will quickly load for all the visitors.

Use speed optimization modules

There are numerous OpenCart modules that you can use to speed up the online store. You should think about using one or more of those modules as well. However, you should also do your own research and figure out the best extensions available out there. That’s because all the extensions available for your OpenCart store will not be able to provide the support that you need to optimize the store. Make sure that you take a look at the functionality on how the OpenCart modules are speeding up your website as well. For example, some of the OpenCart extensions can reduce the number of database calls. Such OpenCart extensions are capable of boosting the performance of your store effectively.

Final words

If you are looking for an effective method to reduce the bounce rates of your OpenCart store, while delivering a better customer experience, you should take a look at the different options available to speed up. That’s because most visitors who come to the Responsive Opencart Theme store tend to turn away due to slow loading speeds. Make sure that you follow these steps and optimize the OpenCart store accordingly. Then you will be able to experience some amazing benefits that they can offer to you.

By choosing Premium Opencart Themes for your eCommerce store your customers will not just save their time, money, and effort but also get a good-looking website that loads faster and is easy to navigate.

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