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Responsive Bootstrap Dashboard Template

Responsive Bootstrap Dashboard Template – Fox Dark Admin Dashboard

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Fox Dark – Responsive Bootstrap Dashboard Template is the most beautiful and powerful Dashboard Template with the modern design concept. You will surely fall in love with its fresh design and brilliant code.

A fully responsive Bootstrap Admin Templates built with Bootstrap 4.0 Beta Framework, modern web technology HTML5 and CSS3. Lightweight and easy customizable, which is basically designed for the developers who want to customize it.

It comes with 7+ Dashboards, 50+ Integrated Plugins, 250+ Pages, 3000+ Font Icons, 240+ UI Components & much more..

Some out of its many cool features are given below:


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Bootstrap Admin Templates

Fox Dark- Admin Templates  come with Dashboard which includes Monthly status, browser usage, recently products, direct chat, visitors, New Order, new users, New Clients, Total visits, Downloads, and Direct chat.


Admin Templates

Fox – Premium Admin Template comes with Widgets.You will see  Store traffic, user likes, monthly sales,join members, new clients, total visits, downloads, direct chat, new orders, sales rate, registrations and much more.


Bootstrap 4 Admin Templates
Fox – Responsive Admin Dashboard Template  comes with Weather widgets.

Charts & Graphs

Premium Admin Template

Fox – Bootstrap Admin Template provides charts such as ChartJS, Inline Charts, Morris, Flot, etc.

General Elements

Responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin

Fox –Responsive Admin Dashboard Template  comes with General elements such as Color Palette, Alerts and Callouts, Custom Tabs, Progress Bars Different Sizes, Progress bars, Vertical Progress Bars Different Sizes, Vertical Progress bars, Collapsible Accordion,  Carousel, and  Typography

User Cards

Responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin

Fox Responsive Admin Dashboard Template comes with User Cards with Fade-in effect, Scroll down effect and Scroll up effect.


Premium Admin Template

Fox Bootstrap 4 Admin Templates comes with Tab such as Default Tab, Custom tab Tab, Vertical Tab, Custom tab vertical Tab, etc. Well designed tabs can be useful to give better user experience and can guide a user in a right direction.

Notification Alert

Premium Admin Template

Fox – Bootstrap Admin Templates comes with Notification such as Alerts and Callouts with Simple Toaster Alerts, Normal Alerts, and Dismissable Alerts.


Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard

Fox – Responsive Admin Dashboard Template comes with Sliders such as Range Sliders and Carousel, Carousel Slider Only Slide, Carousel Slider with Controls, Carousel Slider with Indicators, etc.Sliders can give an impeccable look to your website.

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Buttons UI

Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard

Fox – Responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin comes with Buttons UI.You will see General Buttons, Rounded Buttons, Button with the icon, Split buttons,  Horizontal Button Group, vertical Button Group and much more.You can use these buttons for different actions in forms dialogs with the support of different sizes and colors.


Bootstrap Admin Templates

Fox – Bootstrap Admin Templates comes with the timeline. Timeline can help you in showing all the work like a story.


Bootstrap Admin Templates

Fox – Premium Admin Template comes with Modals which consists of large, small and medium modals with modal examples.


Bootstrap Admin Template

Fox – Bootstrap 4 Admin Templates provides Tables such as Data Table(Data Table With Full Features and Hover Export Data Table)  and Simple Table( with Basic Table, Table Hover, Bordered Table, Simple Full-Width Table, Striped Full Width Table Striped rows, and Responsive Hover Table)

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