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Responsive Opencart Theme

Professional MultiPurpose Responsive Opencart Themes – Cartio

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Cartio Responsive Opencart Themes is Comes with Compatible with OPENCART Version 3.0.x, 100% Responsive Layout, Custom Footer Module, Multi-Currency, Easy Customizable, Latest Font Awesome Library, Google Fonts Family, Mobile Friendly, User Friendly, Easy Documentation, Ready with Sample Data, Fit for any kind of Online Store, Page Builder with Drag and Drop, Parallax effect for Background Image in Page Builder, Image Gallery Module in Page Builder, and Video Gallery Module in Page Builder.

Cartio Responsive OpenCart Templates is designed for OpenCart Website and is a Multipurpose Store. OpenCart Theme Cartio Can be used by online stores and eCommerce Websites to sell Their Products.

Cartio - Multi-Purpose Responsive Opencart Theme



Bottom To Top Button

Cartio Opencart Responsive Theme comes with a bottom to top button. It is a shortcut that allows users to quickly navigate to the top of the page when they get to the bottom of a really long page.

Custom Footer Module

Cartio Opencart Responsive Theme comes with a Custom Footer Module. It means a user can contact you easily.

Ajax Cart / Wishlist

Cartio Premium OpenCart Themes come with Ajax cart/Wishlist. It adds items to the shopping cart without reloading the page and gives a better shopping experience to the users.

Social Media Sharing Icons

Cartio – E-Commerce OpenCart Themes come with Social Media Sharing icons. To drive more traffic to your online store, our themes and templates include different social media and sharing buttons. This will give your customers a chance to follow you on social media networks and share your items with their friends online.

Responsive Slider

The slider is the best thing that OpenCart Themes have come up with. By displaying an attractive and striking slider on your homepage, you can seamlessly manage to grab the attention of your visitors and can also bring a considerable positive change in your conversion rate.

Mega Menu

Cartio Opencart Responsive Theme comes with Megamenu. Mega-menus provide room – if well designed – for very short descriptions of your offerings. This is beneficial if your user is new to your site. This ensures users can see all the pages available in a given category.

Multiple Currency Supported

Cartio eCommerce Opencart Themes come with Multi-currency Support. With this feature, your customer would be able to pay for your products in the currency in which they are comfortable.

Product image Zoom feature

Cartio Opencart Responsive Theme comes with Multi-currency Support. This button shows up when you bring a mouse cursor to a certain product image, after clicking on the image you can see the image with high resolution which will give your visitors a more detailed look at the products without loading the same image.

Featured Product section

Cartio E-Commerce OpenCart Themes come with a featured product section. It helps you to provide featured different items and selects the one which comes with the better quality of clothes and other items. You can remove the item from that window itself if you don’t choose it.

Ajax Cart

Cartio Opencart Responsive Theme comes with an Ajax cart Section where the user could see all the items added to the cart.

Grid & List View Modes

Cartio Premium OpenCart Themes come with Grid and List view modes. This section will help the customer to view the products either in a grid view or a list view as per their convenience. With that, there will be a description column also for the product details, add to the cart option, and other elements.

Commenting System / Reviews

Cartio Responsive Opencart Themes provides Commenting System / Reviews. This feature will enable your clients to share their views about your products and rate them on the basis of a five-star scale. With every rating and comment, your store will look more trustworthy to customers as it builds a strong relationship between you and the customers.

Page Builder

Cartio eCommerce Opencart Themes Provides Drag & Drop Page Builder. Page builder with drag-and-drop support, which makes it super easy for you to add modules to your page, and then rearrange and resize them according to your need.

Banner with Custom Text

Cartio Premium OpenCart Themes Provides Banner with Custom Text.

Custom Module For Header

Cartio E-Commerce OpenCart Themes Provide Custom Module For Header.

Refine Search

Cartio Premium eCommerce Templates Provide refines a search.

Checkbox Radio Button

Cartio eCommerce Opencart Themes Provide Checkbox Radio Button.


Cartio Premium OpenCart Themes Provide Custom Module for Newsletter. This module allows you to add/update/delete newsletters including periodic updates, news, promotions, events, etc. It also gives a drop-down selection for added newsletters and all the details of your products.

Product Tab

Cartio E-Commerce OpenCart Themes Provides Custom Module for Product Tab which allows you to give extra information about the product.

Sticky Menu

Cartio Premium OpenCart Themes Provide Custom Sticky Menu.

Sidebar Right

Cartio Premium OpenCart Themes Provide Sidebar right.

Sidebar Left

Cartio Responsive Opencart Themes Provide Sidebar left.


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  1. One of the best Opencart Theme out there regarding customizability and cleanliness of design and code!

  2. The layout designs are very elegant, fresh, and modern. Theme customization is also easy.

  3. Excellent looking and fully customizable Opencart Theme. Perfect for any modern online business!

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