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Bootstrap 5 Admin Template

Unleash the Power of Bootstrap 5 Admin Template of WebkitX Admin

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WebkitX Admin is the most powerful Bootstrap 5 Admin Template.

If you’re looking for a Bootstrap 5 Admin Template for data, reports, analytics, and eCommerce concepts, theories, and personal projects, then WebkitX Admin could be just what you need. This responsive Admin Template offers 6 Project Dashboards, 3 CRM Dashboards, and also offers Travel, Properties, and Music Dashboards to help you build your stunning web application or website. WebkitX Admin – Dashboard Design also includes 2640+ pages (Dark+Light+RTL+Horizontal), 80+ plugins, 600+ UI components, 100+ widgets, and includes stunning chats, graphs, charts, and tables, along with many more advanced features.

WebkitX Admin provides a comprehensive task management system that allows you to create, assign, and track tasks effortlessly. This Bootstrap 5 UI Kit is packed with features that will streamline your workflow and help you stay organized.

WebkitX Admin is the perfect Bootstrap 5 admin template for your website. Its seamless integration with Bootstrap 5, wide range of pre-built components, compatibility with all major web browsers, and comprehensive documentation make it a must-have for any web developer.

Dashboard – 1

Bootstrap 5 Admin Template


Dashboard – 2

Bootstrap 5 Admin Template


Dashboard – 3

Bootstrap 5 Admin Template


CRM Dashboard

WebkitX Admin – CRM Dashboard platforms that gives a high-level overview of a business’s sales. This Responsive Web Application Kit built Bootstrap 5 Ui Framework. Our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) WebApp dashboard is a visual tool that provides an overview of important customer data and metrics in a centralized and easily accessible format. It allows businesses to track and analyze customer interactions, sales activities, and other relevant information to make informed decisions and improve customer relationships.

The specific components and design of our CRM software dashboard can vary depending on the organization’s needs and the CRM software being used!

The purpose of a CRM Dashboard is to help organizations make data-driven decisions and identify areas where they can improve their customer relationships and sales performance. It allows sales teams and other departments to track their progress towards achieving goals and to identify potential issues that need to be addressed.

CRM Dashboard – 1

Bootstrap 5 Admin Template


CRM Dashboard – 2


CRM Dashboard – 3


Easy Customization

Customizing Bootstrap 5 Admin Templates is a breeze, thanks to its well-organized and modular code structure. You can easily tweak the colors, fonts, and layout to match your project requirements. Additionally, the template supports Sass, which allows for even more advanced customization options.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

Worried about browser compatibility? Don’t be! Bootstrap Template is designed to work seamlessly across all major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. This ensures that your web application will reach a wider audience without any compatibility issues.


Bootstrap 5 Admin Template is the ultimate solution for web developers looking to create powerful and visually appealing admin dashboards and web applications. With its responsive design, extensive collection of UI components, and easy customization options, this template will streamline your development process and help you deliver exceptional user experiences. So why wait?

Get started with Bootstrap 5 Admin Template today and take your web development projects to the next level!

Download the Best Bootstrap 5 Admin Template and themes developed by Multipurpose Themes.

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  1. This Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard of WebKitX Admin is very easy to customize, and the color selection with this theme is best for today’s standards.

    1. Thanks a lot.. We also hope you also like the other job board admin templates featured on my website.

    1. Thanks a lot. If you are interested in medical admin templates, then please check out our other templates on our website.

  2. This is one of the best Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard of WebKitX Admin. Don’t waste your time with other themes. So buy this theme and save your time.

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  4. Amazing customer support and an easy-to-use WebKitX Admin – Bootstrap 5 Admin Template. Recommended!

  5. I really recommend you try this Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard of Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard of WebKitX Admin. I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

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