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Dashboard UI Framework

Power BI Admin : A Perfect Dashboard UI framework for Business Insights

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Introducing the Power BI Admin Dashboard UI framework, a versatile solution designed to streamline your data management and visualization tasks. This user-friendly template offers a responsive design, ensuring seamless access and optimal viewing experience across various devices. With its powerful features and intuitive interface, you can effortlessly monitor and analyze your data, create insightful reports, and make data-driven decisions. Simplify your administrative tasks and enhance your data visualization capabilities with the Power BI Admin – Responsive Dashboard Template.

Power Bi Ui framework is a business analytics service that lets you visualize the data and share the insights. It converts all the data from different sources to build interactive Admin Template and business intelligence reports. In short, it helps the users and developers to make data driven decisions.

It also helps the users and developers to build different charts and graphs to visualize the data. Also, its a fully responsive admin dashboard template built with Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Framework, modern web technology HTML5 and CSS3. It’s absolutely lightweight and easily customizable which is basically designed for the developers who wants to customize it.

Vertical Dashboard Design

Power Bi Admin – LTR Style Dashboard – 1 – Light 

Dashboard UI framework


Power Bi Admin – RTL Style Dashboard – 1 – Dark

Dashboard UI framework


You must be certain about the kind of  Dashboard UI framework that will work for your online application. The visual design of the online application is known as UI (User Interface) design. All of the elements a user interacts with when navigating a web application, including as buttons, text, pictures, and forms, are included in the UI design. The UI will portray an application’s attitude. The finest Bootstrap Templates for your project should include a user interface.

Horizontal Dashboard Design

Power Bi Admin – LTR Style Dashboard – 1 – Light 


Power Bi Admin – RTL Style Dashboard – 1 – Dark


Advantages of Power Bi Ui Framework

  • Affordability: It’s absolutely inexpensive compared to other cloud service providers.
  • Excel integration: Yes, data can be saved into excel, too. For eg, the data of a manufacturing unit for even the last six months with just one click through Dashboard UI framework Bootstrap UI Kit
  • Custom visualization: Users can this covert the data into KPIs, charts, graphs, maps, etc. Data accessibility and interactive visualization: Data can be accessed from anywhere, anytime from any device multiple times.
  • Newly developed features: Yes, you heard it right. Now, users can get monthly updates and so on!

Future of Power Bi Ui Framework

As business operations are getting more complex and complicated with an increased user base and data generation, users and developers in the organizations are now using Business Dashboard Template Intelligence tools and Dashboard UI framework for the real time data visualizations for making better market decisions. Thus, it helps the organizations to grow and achieve their goals!

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  1. Everything is Great in Power BI Template. All Demos are Beautiful, Solid Designs and Bootstrap 5 Framework.

    1. Thank you for your loyal support! Don’t forget to check out the newly launched Bootstrap Admin Templates too.

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