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Medical UI Kit

Exploring the Impact of Medical UI Kit of Doclinic Admin

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Doclinic Admin – The comprehensive Medical Ui Kit designed to streamline Medical And Healthcare management. With full responsiveness across all screens and compatibility with major browsers, Giving these facts and detailed information on your Dashboard Template calms fears and doubts, converting their curiosity into appointments, and allowing them to trust you more when they finally meet with you for an appointment.

Doclinic boasts a clean, modern design, built on Bootstrap 5, adhering to W3C standards for code validation. It features Font Awesome Icons and offers seamless customization with well-commented, documented code.

Doclinic Medical admin is a Most Use full Bootstrap 5 Admin Templates with features like Doctors and Patient dashboard, Patient history, appointments, Vitals, Stats, Sales visits, monthly revenue and performance tracking. Bootstrap Admin Dashboard . We have developed this admin template by unique and minimal look of the patient and hospital CRM’s software.

If you own a medical center, check out these Doclinic WebApp Template Medical Admin Template attracts patients with its professional Responsive Bootstrap 5 Admin.

Doclinic Admin – Patient Dashboard – Dark 

Doclinic Admin the ultimate solution for managing patient information and streamlining administrative tasks. Our Patients Admin Dashboard is designed to simplify the lives of healthcare professionals by providing a user-friendly interface that allows for efficient patient management. From scheduling appointments and tracking medical records to processing billing and generating reports, our comprehensive dashboard offers all the tools you need to enhance productivity and deliver exceptional patient care.

Dashboard – 1


Dashboard – 2


Doclinic Admin – Doctor Dashboard – Dark 

Doclinic Admin, The Best solution for doctors to manage their practice efficiently. Our Doctor Admin Dashboard is designed to streamline daily administrative tasks, allowing doctors to focus more on patient care. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, Doclinic Admin simplifies appointment scheduling, patient management, billing, and much more.

Dashboard – 1


Dashboard – 2


Dashboard – 3


Doclinic Admin – Hospital Dashboard – Dark 

Doclinic Admin, The Powerful hospital admin dashboard designed to streamline and simplify your healthcare management tasks. With our user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, you can effortlessly handle patient records, appointment scheduling, billing, and much more. Our goal is to empower hospital administrators like you to efficiently navigate through the complexities of running a healthcare facility. Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and hello to a more efficient and organized hospital administration experience. Join us as we revolutionize the way you manage your hospital operations with Doclinic Admin.

Dashboard – 1


Dashboard – 2




The Medical Ui Kit of Doclinic Medical Ui Framework Includes New Patients, Your Patients today, Old Patients, Upcoming Appointments, Recent question, Laboratory test, Analytics, Appointments Overview, Overal appointment.


Doclinic Medical Dashboard Design Template Provides Apps and it consists of Mailbox, Calendar, Contact List, Chat, and Todo.


Doclinic Medical Software Dashboard Provides Components and it consists of Bootstrap Switch, Date Paginator, Advanced Medias, Range Slider, Ratings, Animations, Fullscreen, Pace, Nestable, and Draggable Portlets.


Doclinic Medical Bootstrap Dashboard Provides Patient List, Patient Details.


Doclinic Medical Medical Software Dashboard Provides Doctor List, Doctor Details.

Sample Pages

Doclinic Hospital Software Template Provides Invoice, Invoice List, Support Ticket, User Profile, Userlist Grid, Userlist, FAQs, Blank, Coming Soon, Custom Scrolls, Gallery, Lightbox Popup, Pricing.



Doclinic Medical Software Dashboard Template Comes with ChartJS in Pie Chart, Doughnut Chart, Radar Chart, Bubble Chart, Bar Chart, bar-chart-horizontal, Bar Chart, Line Chart, Line Chart, Bar Chart, Radar Chart, Polar area Chart, and Polar Area Chart.


Doclinic Medical Medical Software Dashboard Comes with Flot in Line Chart, Interactive Area Chart, Bar Chart, Full-Width Area Chart, and Donut Chart.

Inline charts

Doclinic Healthcare Dashboard Comes with Inline chart in Display previous value, Cursor mode, Disable display input, Angle offset, Angle, offset and arc, Angle offset and arc, Readonly, digit values, step 1000-5, Readonly, Readonly, Readonly, Sparkline examples, Sparkline Bar, Sparkline line, and Sparkline Pie.


Doclinic Medical Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Comes with Morris in Donut Chart, Bar Chart, Line Chart, Area Chart, Line Chart, and Area Chart.


Doclinic Medical Dashboard UI Kit Comes with Piety in Updating Charts, Bar Chart, Pie, Donut Chart, and Line Chart.


Doclinic Medical Premium Admin Template Comes with Chartist in Animating a Donut with SVG. animate, SVG Path animation, Advanced SMIL Animations, Line chart with the area, Bi-polar Line chart with an area only, Gauge Chart, Horizontal bar chart, stacked bar chart, Bi-polar bar chart, Holes in data, Simple line chart, Extreme responsive configuration, and Filled holes in data.

Axis Chart

Doclinic Medical Ui Framework  Comes with Axis Chart in X-axis timezone Chart, X-axis tick culling Chart, Category Axis Chart, Rotated Axis Chart, Range for Y-axis Chart, Y-axis Chart, and X-axis tick fitting Chart.

Bar Chart

Doclinic Medical Bootstrap Dashboard Comes with Bar Chart in Donut Chart, Column Chart, Bar Chart, Stacked Column Chart, Stacked Bar Chart, and Pie Chart.

Data Chart

Doclinic Medical Premium Admin Template  Template Comes with Data Chart in Data Color Chart, Category Data Chart, Columns Oriented Data Chart, Row Oriented Data Chart, and Data Order Chart.

Line Chart

Doclinic Medical Ui Kit Comes with Line Chart in Spline Chart, Area Chart, Simple Line Chart, Simple XY Line Chart, Step Chart, Line Region Chart, and Multiple XY Line Chart.

Basic Charts

Doclinic Medical Medical Software Dashboard Template Comes with Basic Charts in Basic Line Chart, Rainfall, Stacked Line Chart, Basic Area Chart, Gradient Line Chart, and Stacked Area Chart.

Bar Chart

Doclinic Medical Bootstrap Admin HTML Template Comes with Bar Chart in Basic Bar Chart, Bar Basic Chart, Stacked column Chart, and Stacked Bar Chart.

Pie & Doughnut Chart

Doclinic Medical Dashboard UI Kit Template Comes with Pie & Doughnut Chart in Basic Doughnut Chart, Basic Pie chart, Nested Pie Chart, Customized Chart, Nightingale Rose Chart, Pole Chart, and Bar Polar Stack Radial.


Doclinic Healthcare Dashboard Provides Forms and it consists of Form Elements, Form Layout, Form Wizard, Form Validation, Formatter, Xeditable Editor, Dropzone, Code Editor, Editor, and Markdown.


Simple tables

Doclinic Hospital Dashboard Template Provides Simple Tables and it consists of Breakpoint specific, Responsive Hover Table, Default Table, Dark Table, Table head options, Table head options, Table Striped, Table dark Striped, Table bordered, Table Dark bordered, Table borderless, Table Dark borderless, Hoverable rows, Hoverable Dark Table rows, Small table, and Small table.

Data Tables

Doclinic Medical Dashboard Design Template Provides Data Tables and consists of Complex headers (rowspan and colspan), Individual column searching, Form inputs, Data Table With Full Features, and Hover Export Data Table.

Editable Tables

Doclinic Medical Medical Software Dashboard Template Provides Editable Tables and it consists of Editable with Datatable, and Simple Editable table.

Table color

Doclinic Medical Bootstrap Dashboard Template Provides Table color and it consists of Primary Table, Success Table, Info Table, Warning Table, Danger Table, Inverse Table, Primary Table, Success Table, Info Table, Warning Table, Danger Table, Inverse Table, Background colors, and Table row borders.


Google Map

Doclinic Medical Ui Framework comes with Simple Basic Map, Market with Info window, Over Layer Map, Polygonal Map, Routes Map, Styled Map.

Vector Map

Doclinic Medical Dashboard Design Template comes with World Map.



Doclinic Hospital Software Template Comes with Modals in Left Modal, Center Modal, Fill Modal, Right Modal, Large modal, Medium model, Small model.

Sweet Alert

Doclinic Medical Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template Comes with Sweet Alert Messages.


Doclinic Medical Responsive Bootstrap 5 Admin Template Comes with Toastr in Simple Toastr Alerts, Normal Alerts, Dismissable Alerts, Dismissable Alerts with title, Callouts.



Doclinic Medical Dashboard Design Comes with products name.

Products Cart

Doclinic Medical Ui Kit Comes with Products Cart Summary.

Products Edit

Doclinic Healthcare Dashboard Comes with Products Edit in About Product.

Products Details

Doclinic Medical Ui Framework Templates Comes with Products Details.

Login & Error


Doclinic Medical Software Dashboard Comes with Authentication in Login, Register, Lockscreen, Recover Password.


Doclinic Medical Medical Software Dashboard Comes with Miscellaneous in Error 404, Error 505, Maintenance.


User Card

Doclinic Medical Dashboard Design Templates come with Card Style, Card title, Below card header, Multiple titles, Multiple footers, Special title treatment, Fade-in effect, Scroll down effect, Scroll up effect.

Advanced Card

Doclinic Medical Responsive Admin Dashboard Template comes with Box progress, Box switch, Box search, Box slid up, Box options, Box button, Box pagination, Multi elements, Scrollable, With the alert, With table, Box controls.

Basic Card

Doclinic Medical Dashboard Design comes with Basic Box without header, Box Title, Box Title size, Box Title in the header, Box Header without divider, Bold Title, Title and description, Title and side title, Title and subtitle, Bordered box, Shadowed box, Shadow on hover box, Transparent box, Box footer, Box footer, Box footer, Box footer, Box footer.


Grid System

Doclinic Medical Admin Dashboard UI Kit Template Provides Grid System and it consists of Grid options, Example: Stacked-to-horizontal, Example: Mobile and desktop, Example: Mobile, tablet, desktops, Responsive column resets, and Offsetting columns.


Doclinic Medical Bootstrap Dashboard comes with Basic badge styling, Pill, Mono colors, Sizing, Dot badges, Ring badges.


Doclinic Medical Dashboard Design comes with Gradient Buttons, General Buttons, Light Buttons, Button with an outline, light Button with an outline, Rounded Buttons, Light Rounded Buttons, Rounded Outline Buttons, Light Rounded Outline Buttons, Button Sizes, Flat Buttons, Light Flat Buttons, Button with icon, Split buttons, Button with Dropdown, Circle Buttons, Horizontal Button Group, Vertical Button Group, Social buttons Icon with Name, Social buttons Icon, Social Icon With Circle buttons, Application Buttons.


Doclinic Medical Dashboard Design Template comes with Background colors, Light colors, Other colors, Gradient colors, SVG Img Background, SVG Background with Transparent color, Border colors, Text colors.


Doclinic Medical Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard come with Dropdown Basic, Dropup alignment, Dropdown menu.

Dropdown Grid

Doclinic Medical Software Dashboard Templates come with Icons, Icons, and title, Color icons, Color icons and title, 2 cols, 4 cols, Disabled item, Active item.

Progress Bars

Doclinic Medical Admin Panel Template comes with Progress Bars Different Sizes, Progress bars, Vertical Progress Bars Different Sizes, Vertical Progress bars.


Doclinic Medical Dashboard Design Templates come with Font Awesome, Glyphicons, Material Icons, Themify Icons, Simple Line Icons, Crypto coins Icons, Flag Icons, Weather Icons.


Doclinic Medical Medical Software Dashboard  comes with Dark Ribbon, Primary Ribbon, Success Ribbon, Info Ribbon, Warning Ribbon, Danger Ribbon.


Doclinic Medical Healthcare Dashboard comes with Carousel Slider Only Slide, Carousel Slider with Controls, Carousel Slider with Indicators, Carousel Slider With captions, Image Slider, Image Slider thumbnails, Image carousel, Bootstrap Range Slider.


Doclinic Medical Bootstrap Dashboard comes with Headlines, Heading with subtitle, Text Emphasis, Alignment text, Font weight and italics, Block Quotes, Block Quotes Pulled Right, Unordered List, Ordered Lists,
Unstyled List, Description, Description Horizontal.


Doclinic Medical Ui Kit comes with Vertical Tab, Custom tab vertical Tab, Tab with dropdown, Customtab2 Tab, Custom tab vertical Tab Icon, Tab with icon, Nav Pills Tabs, Fill, Horizontal alignment, Default Tab, Custom tab Tab…..


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