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CRM Platform Dashboard

CRMi Responsive Admin: Modern CRM Platform Dashboard

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In the realm of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), efficiency is key. CRM Platform Dashboard emerges as a robust solution, offering a seamless experience for managing customer relationships. Let’s delve into the functionality and design that make this template a standout choice for CRM professionals.

CRMi Admin is a Powerful, rich, flexible, unique CRM Dashboard. It is well coded and designed to be effectively adjustable. This is the most advanced and well-designed Dashboard Admin Template that can compete with any premium alternative. And once you introduce your creative touch to it, the options go over and beyond. CRM UI framework is beautifully crafted, clean and minimally designed. It comes with dark and light layouts with RTL options..

We have developed this admin template by unique and minimal look of the CRM’s software. Bootstrap 5 latest with SASS. CRMi Admin Dashboard Template a clean way to use the design for your dashboard projects. This can be used for admin dashboard Applications for your online applications.

CRM Dashboard – 1 

Light Dashboard 

CRM Dashboard


Dark Dashboard 


Features of CRMi Bootstrap 5 Admin Template

Customizable Dashboard

The CRM UI framework provides a customizable dashboard, allowing users to tailor the interface to their specific needs. This feature enhances user experience and facilitates quick access to essential information.

Data Visualization

CRMi CRM Platform Dashboard excels in data visualization, presenting complex data in a clear and intuitive manner. Visual representations aid in quick decision-making and enhance overall data analysis.

Responsive Design

With a responsive design, this template ensures a seamless experience across various devices. Whether accessed on a desktop or a mobile device, users can interact with the CRM dashboard effortlessly.

CRM Dashboard – 2

Light Dashboard 


Dark Dashboard 


Benefits of CRMi Bootstrap 5 Admin Template

Streamlined Workflow

By centralizing customer data and interactions, CRMi CRM UI framework streamlines workflow processes. This efficiency boost translates to enhanced productivity and improved customer service.

Enhanced Communication

Effective communication is at the core of successful CRM practices. This template facilitates communication through features like messaging systems and notification alerts, ensuring seamless interaction with customers.

Data Security

Security is paramount in CRM operations. CRM Platform Dashboard prioritizes data security, offering encryption and secure access features to safeguard sensitive information.


In conclusion, CRMi Bootstrap 5 Admin Template emerges as a powerful tool for CRM professionals, combining functionality with an intuitive design. From customizable dashboards to enhanced data visualization, this template offers a comprehensive solution for managing customer relationships effectively. Consider integrating CRM Platform Dashboard into your workflow to elevate your CRM practices to new heights.

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    1. Thank you so much for your great feedback…….Always bringing you new Themes and Templates….

  1. flexibility in design and customization is an amazing CRM Admin Dashboard Template with some very cool features.

  2. This is the most flexible and easy-to-use design, and the customer support is also fast and excellent. I’m really pleased to have found this CRM Dashboard Ui Kit !

  3. One of the best CRM Dashboard I have ever used! It has many add-on features that help boost your website.

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment.. Also thanks for the purchase…. Keep purchasing..!!!

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