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Unique Software Dashboard of Master Responsive Bootstrap 5 Admin

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Master’s Responsive Software Dashboard With Bootstrap Admin Panel is a unique combination of Revenue, Orders and Visitors. Master Admin Dashboard is Responsive Bootstrap 5 Admin UI Framework for Data, Reports, analytical & eCommerce concept and theory. The Dashboard shows how much your store sales were in the current month

UI Kit is included in the Master Bootstrap Ui Framework and includes Badges, Buttons, Floating Action Buttons, Carousel, Modal, Dropdown, Dropdown menu, Sortable, Nave, Breadcrumbs, Pagination, Alert, Callout, Tooltip, Accordion, Tab, Process, Progress bar, Spinner, Timeline, Timeline activity, User Cards, and more. Sweet Alert, Notification, Advanced Media, Badges, Dropdown menu, Grid, Color, Draggable Portlet, Bootstrap Switch, Date Paginator, Horizontal Timeline, Nettable, Ribbons.

Master Admin Dashboard – Responsive Bootstrap 5 Admin Template Dashboard Web Application. The Admin HTML template can be used for online applications and softwares. Clean, Modern, New, Creative look for your application. This comes with Sass. A combination of Revenue, Orders, Visitors.

Master Admin

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Master Admin – Travel Dashboard – Light


Master Admin – Chat Dashboard – Light


Master Admin – Covid 19 Dashboard – Light


Master Admin – Crypto Dashboard – Light


Master Admin – E-Commerce Dashboard – Light


Master Admin – File Manager Dashboard – Light



Master Admin – Mailing Dashboard – Light


Master Admin – Real Estate Dashboard – Light


Master Admin – Subscription Dashboard – Light




The Software Dashboard of Master Bootstrap 5 Admin Template Includes Revenue, Orders, Visitors, Audience, Last Week, Monthly Sale, Total Growth, Sessions Device.

Web Apps


The Chat of Master Bootstrap 5 Admin Template makes it easy for you to interact with fellow members of your business.


The to-do list page of the Master Bootstrap Admin Panel contains Upcoming tasks, In progress tasks, Complete Tasks, and 3 different styles of boxes.


Master Bootstrap Admin Templates come with a Calendar with draggable events. You can also add new events with timings and dates.


Master Dashboard Admin Templates come with Mailbox. The mailbox enables you to communicate professionally with people.

Useful Page

Master Bootstrap Admin Web App Template Provides Useful Page and it consists of Invoice, Invoice List, Support Ticket, User Profile, User list Grid, FAQs.

Extra Pages

Master Bootstrap Admin HTML Template Provides Blank, Coming Soon, Custom Scrolls, Gallery, Lightbox Popup, Pricing.

Login & Error


Master Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template Provides Login, Register, Lock screen, Recover Password.


Master Admin Dashboard UI Kit Template Provides Error 404, Error 500, Maintenance.


Google Map

Master Creative Dashboard Design Template Provides Simple Basic Map, Market with Info window, Over Layer Map, Polygonal Map, Routes Map, Styled Map.

Vector Map

Master Software Dashboard Template Provides World Map.

Extra Components

Master Bootstrap Template Provides Bootstrap Switch, Date Paginator, Advanced Medias, Range Slider, Ratings, Animations, Full screen, Pace, Nestable, Draggable Portlets.


Master Admin Panel Template Provides User Card, Advanced Card, Basic Card, Card Color, Card Group.


Master Premium Admin Template Provides Font Awesome, Glyphicons, Material Icons, Themify Icons, Simple Line Icons, Crypto coins Icons, Flag Icons, Weather Icons.



Master Bootstrap Admin Templates Provides Headlines, Heading with subtitle, Text Emphasis, Alignment text, Font weight and italics, Block Quotes, Block Quotes Pulled Right, Unordered List, Ordered Lists, Unstyled List, Description, Description Horizontal.


Master Dashboard Admin Templates Provides Vertical Tab, Custom tab vertical Tab, Tab with dropdown, Customtab2 Tab, Custom tab vertical Tab Icon, Tab with icon, Nav Pills Tabs, Nav Pills Tabs, Fill, Horizontal alignment, Horizontal alignment, Default Tab, Custom tab Tab.


Master Bootstrap Admin Panel Template Provides Blog, Chart, List, Social, Statistic, Weather, Widgets.

Ecommerce Pages

Master Responsive Web Application Kit Template Provides Products, Products Cart, Products Edit, Product Details, Product Orders, Products Checkout.


Master Bootstrap Admin Web App Template Provides Welcome Email, Verify Email, Change Password, User Updates, Expired Card, Closed Account.



Master Software Dashboard Provides Left Modal, Center Modal, Fill Modal, Right Modal, Large modal, Medium model, Small model.

Sweet Alert

Master Bootstrap 5 Dashboard  Template Provides A Basic message, Title with a text under, Success Message, Warning message, A basic message, Alert with Image, Alert with time.


Master Admin Dashboard UI Kit Template Provides Simple Toastr Alerts, Alert Full top, Alert Top Right, Alert Full Bottom, Alert Top Left, Alert Full top, Alert Bottom Left, Alert Full Bottom with image, Alert Bottom Right, Normal Alerts, Dismissable Alerts, Dismissible Alerts with title, Callouts.

Grid System

Master Responsive Bootstrap 5 Admin Provides Grid options, Example: Stacked-to-horizontal, Example: Mobile and desktop, Example: Mobile, tablet, desktops, Responsive column resets, Offsetting columns.



Master Bootstrap UI Kit Template Provides Basic badge styling, Pill, Mono colors, Sizing, Dot badges, Ring badges.


Master Bootstrap Templates Provides Gradient Buttons, General Buttons, Light Buttons, Button with an outline, light Button with an outline, Rounded Buttons, Light Rounded Buttons, Rounded Outline Buttons, Light Rounded Outline Buttons, Button Sizes, Flat Buttons, Light Flat Buttons, Button with icon, Split buttons, Button with Dropdown, Circle Buttons, Horizontal Button Group, Vertical Button Group, Social buttons Icon with Name, Social buttons Icon, Social Icon With Circle buttons, Application Buttons.


Master Admin Panel Templates Provides Background colors, Gradient colors, SVG Img Background, Border colors, Text colors.


Master Admin Template Provides Dropdown Basic, Dropdown menu.

Dropdown Grid

Master Premium Admin Template Provides Icons, Icons, and title, Color icons, Color icons and title, 2 cols, 4 cols, Disabled item, Active item.

Progress Bars

Master Bootstrap 5 Admin Template Provides Progress Bars Different Sizes, Progress bars, Vertical Progress Bars Different Sizes, Vertical Progress bars.


Master Responsive Admin Dashboard Template Provides Carousel Slider Only Slide, Carousel Slider with Controls, Carousel Slider with Indicators, Carousel Slider With captions, Image Slider, Image Slider thumbnails, Image carousel, Bootstrap Range Slider.


Master Bootstrap Admin Panel Template Provides Form Elements, Form Layout, Form Wizard, Form Validation, Formatter, X editable Editor, Dropzone, Code Editor, Editor, Markdown.


Simple tables

Master Bootstrap Admin Web App Template Provides Breakpoint specific, Responsive Hover Table, Default Table, Dark Table, Table head options, Table head options, Table Striped, Table dark Striped, Table bordered, Table Dark bordered, Table borderless, Table Dark borderless, Hover able rows, Hover able Dark Table rows, Small table, Small table.

Data tables

Master Bootstrap 5 Dashboard Template Provides Complex headers (row span and col span), Individual column searching, Form inputs, Data Table With Full Features, Hover Export Data Table.

Editable Tables

Master Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template Provides Editable with Data table, Simple Editable table.

Table color

Master Admin Dashboard UI Kit Template Provides Primary Table, Success Table, Info Table, Warning Table, Danger Table, Inverse Table.



Master Bootstrap Admin HTML Template Comes with Chart JS in Radar Chart, Doughnut Chart, Pie Chart, Bubble Chart, Bar Chart, bar-chart-horizontal, Bar Chart, Bar Chart, Line Chart, Line Chart, Polar Area Chart, Polar area Chart, and Radar Chart.


Master Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template Comes with Flot in Interactive Area Chart, Line Chart, Full-Width Area Chart, Bar Chart, and Donut Chart.

Inline charts

Master Responsive Admin Dashboard Template Comes with Inline charts in Disable display input, Cursor mode, Display previous value, Angle offset and arc, Angle offset, 5-digit values, step 1000,  Angle offset and arc, Sparkline examples, Sparkline Pie, Sparkline line, and Sparkline Bar.


Master Software Dashboard Comes with Morris in Line Chart, Bar Chart, Donut Chart, Area Chart, Line Chart, and Area Chart.


Master Bootstrap UI Kit Template Comes with Piety in Bar Chart, Updating Charts, Pie, Donut Chart, and Line Chart.


Master Bootstrap Templates Comes with Chartist in Advanced SMIL Animations, SVG Path animation, Animating a Donut with SVG. animate, Gauge Chart, Bi-polar Line chart with an area only, Line chart with the area, Bi-polar bar chart, stacked bar chart, Horizontal bar chart, Extreme responsive configuration, Simple line chart, Holes in data, and Filled holes in data.

Axis Chart

Master Admin Panel Template Comes with Axis Chart in X-axis timezone Chart, Rotated Axis Chart, Category Axis Chart, X-axis tick culling Chart, X-axis tick fitting Chart, Y-axis Chart, and Range for Y-axis Chart.

Bar Chart

Master Admin Dashboard UI Kit Template Comes with Bar Chart in Bar Chart, Column Chart, Donut Chart, Pie Chart, Stacked Bar Chart, and Stacked Column Chart.

Data Chart

Master Premium Admin Template Comes with Data Chart in Columns Oriented Data Chart, Category Data Chart, Data Color Chart, Data Order Chart, and Row Oriented Data Chart.

Line Chart

Master Bootstrap Admin Web App Template Comes with Line Chart in Simple Line Chart, Area Chart, Spline Chart, Line Region Chart, Step Chart, Simple XY Line Chart, and Multiple XY Line Chart.

Basic Charts

Master Responsive Bootstrap 5 Admin Comes with Basic Charts in Basic Line Chart, Rainfall, Stacked Line Chart, Basic Area Chart, Gradient Line Chart, and Stacked Area Chart.

Bar Chart

Master Bootstrap 5 Admin Template Comes with Bar Chart in Basic Bar Chart, Bar Basic Chart, Stacked column Chart, and Stacked Bar Chart.

Pie & Doughnut Chart

Master Software Dashboard Comes with Pie & Doughnut Chart in Basic Doughnut Chart, Basic Pie chart, Nested Pie Chart, Customized Chart, Nightingale Rose Chart, Pole Chart, and Bar Polar Stack Radial.


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