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OpenCart Store Shipping Strategies

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Free Local Delivery
Providing free delivery to locals of your area, encourage your customers to shop from your store and if you will provide them faster delivery this will benefits in your business too.

Use Live Rates
By telling your customers about live shipping rates makes them feel secure and peaceful, because now they know that there is no markup in the shipping. As every business owner having very little control over your shipping costs. So it’s always good to use OpenCart templates for your website at less cost hence it will control the other costs.

Ship Orders Once Weekly
When there is a specific time to ship order at some locations and in fact choosing that location for your item is sometimes beneficial to get discounts. Because there are some places where delivery is been done only one in a week, helps customers to get attracted towards your store.

Free Shipping
The main factor is here. Providing free shipping always benefits customers and reduce their risk of shopping online, so here it is important to know that there should be your benefit also.

If you are running an OpenCart store, shipping will be always a part of your day to day business and a part of every order.

In the way of exploring your business information and making an arrangement to enhance your store’s shipping, make sure to have a duplicate of Advanced Shipping PRO to take full control of your delivery expenses and put your arrangement without hesitation. If you are looking for to make an OpenCart website, we provide premium OpenCart templates and themes at minimal cost.

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